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Xcode Localization Tool for Multilingual Mac and iOS Apps

Xcode localization was once a painstaking process, but now TraductoPro is here to automate the entire process for you.

Check out these videos to learn how TraductoPro can localize your Xcode projects faster than ever before.

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Localizing Mac & iOS Apps with TraductoPro

Localizes Xcode Strings Automatically

Import or create your Xcode project in TraductoPro and the localization tool handles duplicate strings and micronizes your Xcode strings for you. Once your strings are localizable, you order your translations in any or all sixteen of the worlds most popular languages.

Human Xcode Localization Services

Once your strings are localizable, TraductoPro’s certified human translators localize Xcode projects usually within 24 hours, depending on the size of the project. You simply go back to TraductoPro, check on the status of your order and export your project once completed.

Localize Xcode Projects and Go to Market Faster

Once your Xcode project is localized in the languages you’ll be marketing your app to, order translation of app store meta data and marketing content, such as press releases, articles, and website content. TraductoPro is the all in one tool for localizing your international apps.

Support for Your Xcode Localization Projects

TraductoPro was created by Mac and iOS developers to ease the process of localizing Xcode strings. Our experts are here to help you make the most out of your experience with TraductoPro so you can market your multilingual apps faster than ever before.

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