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If you’re a Mac or iOS app developer, you know you need a simple way to translate apps for your global audience and users.

Check out this video to learn why TraductoPro is the best localization service for your Mac and iOS app projects.

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Translate Apps with TraductoPro

Localize Xcode Strings

With TraductoPro, you can localize Xcode strings with the ease of automation. The app provides one interface for managing Xcode projects, handling duplicate strings, and macronization.

Localization Services that Save Time and Costs

TraductoPro’s localization services were designed to save Mac and iOS developers time and costs in localizing multilingual apps through one simple panel designed as an app itself. Manage all localization projects and document translations with TraductoPro.

Apple Store Localization

If you’re localizing your Mac and iOS apps, you also need to localize your app store content. Apple store localization is an added feature of using TraductoPro. You can manage Xcode projects, app store meta data, and all your marketing content translations from one source.

iOS Localization Made Simple

iOS applications are one of the most important in localization projects. As iOS mobile device users grow worldwide, you don’t want to miss out on marketing your iOS app globally. TraductoPro makes iOS localization simpler than ever before and you’ll get fast, accurate translations every time.

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