TraductoPro Features


TraductoPro for Mac lets you quickly and easily manage and order translations

  • The TraductoPro app gives you an intuitive interface to help you get the job done quickly and effectively.
  • The simple user interface provides a unique visual experience for translating content and managing project localizations.
  • You don’t have to be a seasoned developer to take advantage of the time saved using TraductoPro’s step by step navigation. Time saved means your app moves to market faster, generating revenue.

TraductoPro Screenshot

TraductoPro Projects Tab

Translate documents, App Store information and Xcode project strings

  • Create three types of projects including document, App Store information or Xcode project.
  • Translate any type of content with document projects including press releases, marketing emails, social media posts, web content, etc.
  • Fully capitalize on your global expansion by providing your app metadata in multiple languages with App Store information projects.
  • Let upcoming customers see your app information in their native languages.
  • Use TraductoPro Xcode project type to automate your app localization.

Store and organize translation projects in one location

  • TraductoPro can also be a space to organize your projects, with everything you need to manually manage your projects and place translation orders as needed.
  • It’s even appropriate for managing projects if you don’t order services, all wrapped up in an app that’s a joy to use.
  • You no longer need to store files and their translations in multiple locations on your computer. Import them all in TraductoPro and access them all in one place.

TraductoPro Document Project Dashboard

TraductoPro Checkout

Built-in Simple Ordering & Blazing Fast Checkout

  • No need send or upload files for translation anywhere. Everything is provided to you within TraductoPro.
  • No complicated checkout process, placing an order is embedded within the app itself, making checkout simple and fast. It’s never been this easy to purchase translations.
  • Quickly order a translation, receive email notification of the purchase and track the status of work in progress.


TraductoPro has all the most elegant solution for managing translation projects.

Localization can be tricky, but TraductoPro makes it super simple to view and edit your source and translation language strings

  • Localization is one of the biggest headaches for developers, often viewed as a painful last step in the app development process. TraductoPro reduces the headache of localization for developers with our unique interface and simplified process.
  • The user interface greatly improves the experience of managing localization projects, the fresh design and simple to navigate screens guide the user through the process.
  • Edit your default language strings as needed.
  • You can add comments and elect to send them to the translator.

Edit strings and elect to send comments to translator

TraductoPro Document Project Dashboard

Translate content manually or order human translation service

  • If you already have some of your content translated or have an in-house native speaker, you can manually translate content directly in the TraductoPro app.
  • Need help with your translations? Then use our built-in services which connects you to actual human translators. Choose from three levels of service: Standard, Professional or Enterprise.

Incremental translation means you don’t need to start over to add new languages and content

  • Want to further expand your reach? Just update the project as needed and request additional translations.
  • You can add as many languages as supported for your project, and even add more content later. TraductoPro translation service will only charge you for the new requests.

TraductoPro Document Project - Edit Default Language

TraductoPro Edit Language - Document Project

Stay on top of project changes

  • TraductoPro is every developers best friend. The app offers the ability to filter and view changes, so you don’t have to sort through the entire project to know what needs to be done.
  • Whether you imported new strings to your projects or changed existing ones, TraductoPro allows you to filter and view only the ones that need translation.

Immediately know when a translation is completed or the status has changed

  • The automatic notifications for project milestones and status updates help you keep everything together, team members up to date and know how everything is progressing.
  • TraductoPro will periodically send you status updates on your translations.

Never lose work that’s already completed again

  • Have you ever had to start over, losing precious project or development time? With TraductoPro, you won’t lose what you have already done.
  • The software will only send for translation the strings from source language that need translating.


Ordering built right in

  • Seamless shopping cart and checkout experience built right in. You can create projects, manage translations and order directly within in the app. All available 24/7/365.
  • Simple and easy to use ordering and payment processing for high quality translation services.
  • We offer multiple payment options, including major credit cards and PayPal.

TraductoPro Cart

TraductoPro Checkout

Order status

  • View the status of your translations in the order history tab by simply clicking an order number to expand it.

TraductoPro Order History


34 of the world’s most popular languages available for translation

  • TraductoPro makes it easy to translate app and marketing content in 34 languages, extending your reach potential to billions of people.
  • With fast and affordable human translation services, translate almost anything with real professional translators.
  • Ability to translate manually yourself or order one of three types of translation services: Standard, Professional, Enterprise.

flags - supported languages

TraductoPro - Communicate with the Translator

It’s all about communication, with the translator

  • TraductoPro offers real human translators, who can understand and interpret nuances.
  • Our translators are schooled in the art of attention to detail.
  • Communicate directly with your translator by sending and receiving comments directly from the app. Instant email notification when your translator responds with questions or comments.
  • Simple interface to submit source language and comments for the translator. Giving you the ability to provide additional context, explanations or instructions.

Fast turn around (within hours)

  • Get fast results for your translation needs, jobs under 500 words are normally completed in just a few hours.
  • Our translators work rapidly and the services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Receive translated data as they are completed rather than waiting for your entire order.

TraductoPro Order History

Three tiers of quality translation service

  • Choice of multiple tiers of service to fit your project: Standard, Professional, Enterprise.
  • Manual translation is available if you are able to manually complete your own translations. Simply use TraductoPro as a project management tool to organize and manage your translations, exporting them when you are ready.
  • No machine translation

TraductoPro Cart

Standard translation

  • A native speaker translates the content.
  • Suitable for simple communication.

Professional translation

  • Translation is performed by degreed professional.
  • Best for formal use and publishing.

Enterprise translation

  • Professional translation and proofreading by a second professional (two unique reviewers).
  • Get the peace of mind that your translation is verified by a different translator for errors, accuracy and context.

Competitive pricing

  • We offer competitive per word range pricing, making our plans simple and affordable for your needs.
  • We accept PayPal and credit card payments for your jobs.
  • Our simple pricing process – submit your content, get a quote, place your order.



Quickly localize app metadata for the App Store

  • Easily localize your app metadata, it’s the first thing your customers see when they find your app in the App Store.
  • Increase customer base worldwide by providing your app name, description and keywords in multiple languages. dramatically increasing your number of downloads or sales.
  • Custom interface to localize and manage iOS and Mac App Store metadata including app name, description, keywords and updates.
  • Use TraductoPro to create and manage multilingual projects for both the App Store and Mac App Store. TraductoPro supports localizing iOS and Mac applications.
  • Translate and submit multilingual metadata to the App Store and increase your number of downloads.

TraductoPro App Store Information - Edit Default Language

TraductoPro App Store Information - Edit Language

App Store byte count support

  • Comply with the App Store requirements with bytes count support.
  • TraductoPro dynamically keeps track of your App Store information byte count and warns you when your app name, descriptions or keywords exceed the App Store maximum allowed.
  • You can even track the byte count of each language translation to make sure they do not exceed the maximum allowed by the App Store.

Boost your App Store info in 34 different languages

  • Order and manage App Store info translations including the title, description, keywords and update copies in up to 34 languages.
  • Secure accurate translations for adding and managing targeted keywords for the app, making your app ready to sell in multiple languages.

TraductoPro Add Language Menu

TraductoPro language export

Effortlessly export translations

  • Avoid the typical pains of localization with our unique interface and simplified process.
  • The user interface greatly improves the experience of managing localization projects, the fresh design and simple to navigate interface guides the user through the process.
  • Export your translations anywhere on your computer.

Create and manage app localization projects through direct Xcode integration

  • TraductoPro makes creating and managing your app localization projects a snap. With our direct Xcode integration, just drag and drop your Xcode project file into your TraductoPro project and TraductoPro will do the rest.

TraductoPro integrates with Xcode for iOS and Mac app localization

TraductoPro Localization Time & Cost Savings Estimator

How much you could save

Calculate Savings

Cut the learning curve time

  • Cut through the time spent reviewing Apple documentation for localization and speed time to market.
  • TraductoPro automates the localization process for you, saving you a significant amount of time you would have otherwise spent learning how to do it and manually processing strings files.


Import Xcode projects

  • Import and easily edit your language files with a simple navigation and step by step guided process.
  • Incorporate previous localization and translations completed by importing them into the project within TraductoPro. The app is able to import your existing language files for localization.
  • Automatically extract strings from your Xcode project’s code and interfaces.
  • TraductoPro can parse C, Objective-‐C, and Java code files with the .c, .m, or .java filename extensions. It can also extract strings from Xib/Nib and Storyboard interface files as well as properly formatted property files with .plist filename extensions.
  • Quickly order translations for your Xcode strings or manage your strings translations manually.
  • Manage string translations all in one place.

TraductoPro Xcode Project Import

Automatic conversion of strings into localizable strings, we call it “Macronization”

  • Forgot to make your strings localizable? TraductoPro automates this process for you. Simply select Macronization during the import process and TraductoPro will automatically converts your strings into localizable strings.
  • This is how it works:
    • Macronization scans your code to find all the relevant strings that could use localization.
    • It then displays these strings and allows you to select which ones you want localizable.
    • String highlight in source code provides context. When you select a string, Macronization highlights that string in your source code to provide more context and help you make the decision whether to make it localized.
    • Define or modify your strings keys, values and comments during the process.
    • Then it automatically converts the selected strings into localizable strings by inserting the relevant string-loading macros (NSLocalizedStrings, etc.) into your strings, in your code.
  • Eliminate this excruciatingly painful manual process with our unique macronization feature, saving you loads of time and development costs. No more need to manually search through your code to insert NSLocalizedString macros.

Macronization automatically injects NSLocalizedString macros in your Mac iOS app source code


TraductoPro Xcode Project - New iOS or Mac Project

Localize any Xcode iOS and Mac app projects

  • TraductoPro is a complete localization and app project toolkit all in a single app.
  • Localize iOS and Mac apps, reducing time to market and increasing your reach. TraductoPro saves developers precious time and money in developing their apps for local markets.

TraductoPro Xcode Project Dashboard with Translator Comments

Handle replicated or duplicate strings at the time of import

  • During the import process TraductoPro scans the code and eliminates string duplications.

TraductoPro Localization Time & Cost Savings Estimator

How much you could save

Calculate Savings

Huge time saver

  • TraductoPro completely automates the app localization process from strings extraction to translation and export into Xcode, saving developers over 10 to 20 hours of work.
  • TraductoPro can spare developers tons of time otherwise spent reading localization documentation, manually extracting strings, preparing them for translation, translating and processing translated strings back into the project.
  • Use our Localization Time and Cost Savings Estimator to calculate how much TraductoPro could save you.

TraductoPro Xcode Project - Edit Language - Translator Comment

Translate resource files

  • Manually translate or order human translation for your resource files.
  • Communicate directly with our human translators to ensure your translations are precise and compatible with the culture and ethnicity of different countries.

Automatically export localized content back into Xcode

  • Automatically export your translated content back into your Xcode project making it super easy to insert the localized resource files back into your project.


  • Edit your strings and comments from within the app.
  • Clear all translation content button.

  • Support for Non-English default language.
  • Export translations by language or all at once

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