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Market Mac and iOS Apps with Localization

Marketing your Mac and iOS apps in multiple languages has never been easier now that TraductoPro is here. You can localize your apps faster and with more accuracy in the most popular languages in the world.

Check out these videos to learn how TraductoPro can work for you, whether you are an iOS and Mac app development company or an independent Mac or iOS app developer, TraductoPro is designed to bring multilingual apps to their markets faster than ever before.

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Marketing & Localization Benefits of TraductoPro

Complete Xcode Localization

TraductoPro handles the entire process of localizing your Xcode projects, including duplicate strings handling and macronization. This is the most time consuming part of localizing multilingual apps and TraductoPro has resolved this painstaking process for you.

Native Translation of Marketing Content

When you localize your app, you also need to internationalize your content to market to your target demographics. With TraductoPro, you get human translation by native speakers in over sixteen of the worlds most popular languages for your press releases, website content, blogs, or any other marketing documents. You can also localize your App Store metadata with TraductoPro.

For Mac and iOS Businesses and Developers

Perhaps the greatest thing about TraductoPro is that its interface allows businesses and developers who create and publish Mac and iOS applications to manage all Xcode localization projects and marketing content from one simple panel. It’s by far, the easiest way to manage Mac and iOS localization projects. You order translations when you are ready and we do the rest.

Amazing Support for Your Localization Projects

We developed TraductoPro because we know how difficult localizing Mac and iOS apps is and designed TraductoPro to ease this process. We also understand that most developers don’t know how to localize their Xcode projects. If you need support for TraductoPro, we are here when you need us and our mission is to make sure our localization services are the best you’ve ever experienced.

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