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TraductoPro IconManaging all of your Mac & iOS Xcode localization projects, particularly if you develop numerous apps, can be very difficult and time consuming. Each Xcode project will also need App Store metadata and content localization for marketing the app and this is the essential benefit of using TraductoPro.

Manage all Xcode Localization from One Simple Panel

TraductoPro is designed as an app itself, so it is simple to use when ordering your Xcode string translations and content translations. Your Xcode localization projects and your content translations can me managed directly from the Project Tab and accessed at any time to view the progress or add any other items to your project. Managing all our translations from one simple interface makes TraductoPro the most advanced localization and translation tool available to Mac/iOS app developers.

Steps to Localizing Xcode Strings Using TraductoPro

1. Create an Xcode project in TraductoPro and import your Xcode Project.

2. Choose the language you would like the strings translated to.

3. Order the localization of the Xcode project.

Your project is sent to a certified human translator familiar with the process of localizing Xcode strings. Depending on the size and scope of the project, your Xcode localization is completed in half the time it would take to manually localize your app.

In addition to localizing your Xcode project, you will want to add your App Store information and documents to the Project Tab so you are also prepared to marketing the app in multiple languages via the App Store and other channels. You can even have all of your website copy translated appropriately to appeal to the target demographics you are marketing to.

TraductoPro Projects Tab

TraductoPro Projects Tab

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