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Localize App Store Metadata & Content for Your Mac or iOS App

Take advantage of the App Store’s global audience by translating your app’s metadata for the App Store for each of the countries in which you offer apps. Customers are more likely to read about your app if it’s in their native language.

Marketing your app in multiple languages helps you expand your market share in a time where Mac and iOS apps are climbing in global usage each year. You want to be sure that your apps are properly prepared for users in their native language prior to development of the app or shortly thereafter the process has started.

The reason for this is that it will save you a large amount of time and costs if you first determine what target markets and countries the app will be successful in and also covering every area from marketing content to the localization of the app itself. Many app developers will cut out the process of research and localization in the forethought of development and then go back and localize the app and marketing content, when in fact, it should be done the other way around.

What is included in App Store metadata?

App Store metadata includes the app’s name, keywords, and the description of the app. It is important not only to translate this data into each language you are marketing to, but it is also critical to helping users find your app in the App Store. If metadata is created and translated properly, your users looking for the type of app you are marketing will find it in search results in the App Store. Prior to localizing your app metadata, you should think about the keywords and categories essential to users finding your app and develop the content that will help users easily find it in search results, then localize the app metadata to suit each native language for best search results.

Marketing Your Mac and iOS App with Localization

When marketing your Mac or iOS application, you must also localize your marketing content and App Store metadata. When using TraductoPro, you can manage all aspects of localization and translation over 16 languages, including App Store information and Xcode projects from one simple user interface.

TraductoPro App Store Information - Edit Default Language

TraductoPro App Store Information – Edit Default Language

Here is how it works:

  1. You create a document project, and you add content including your press releases, social media posts, marketing emails or newsletters, web page content, and any other content that you will use to market your app.
  2. You create an App Store information project, and you add your app name, keywords and description for the App Store into the project. If you are releasing a new version of your app you can also add your release notes in the Update field.
  3. You create a Xcode project. Import your Xcode project and automate your app localization.
  4. You add the languages that you want translation for on each project’s dashboard.
  5. Order your translations.

The image below illustrates how you can organize your content and Xcode projects within TraductoPro’s Project Tab using the step by step process above. As a Mac or iOS developer, you now can streamline the entire process of localization, from concept to marketing to Xcode string localization with automation and speed. In addition, TraductoPro is the most affordable and most accurate way to localize your content and apps.

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