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Learn how to use TraductoPro for your localization and global app marketing.

You’ll learn just how easy, fast and affordable TraductoPro localization is, and why it is the ultimate localization solution for Mac and iOS app developers.

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Localization with Robust Automation

Localization is the key to marketing your app globally, and no other tool helps you do this faster and easier than TraductoPro. For the first time, Mac and iOS app developers have the opportunity to affordably localize Xcode strings and marketing content automatically and with human translation.

Localization of Xcode Strings

Localizing Xcode strings can be the most time consuming process in translating your Mac and iOS apps for a global market. TraductoPro handles the entire process of making your Xcode strings localizable and translating the apps in multiple languages.

The Most Affordable Localization Service Available

Localization can become a very costly venture for app development companies and independent app developers. TraductoPro is affordable to download and expert translation orders are the most affordable in the industry.

Localization Management Interface

Managing all of your Mac and iOS app localization from one simple interface is one of the key features of TraductoPro. Import or create your Xcode project and let TraductoPro localize your strings and order your content. Export your localized strings back into your app and you are done. Manage as many projects as you like in TraductoPro.

App Store Localization

Translating your app store meta data is simple with TraductoPro. Once your app is localized, you will want to localize your app store content as well as any other marketing content you need to reach your global audience.

TraductoPro is your Mac and iOS Localization and Marketing Tool for Now and the Future.

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