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Localization Services for Mac and iOS Apps

If you are needing a quick and simple way to localize your Mac or iOS app, TraductoPro is a solution beyond typical localization services.

Check out this video to learn why TraductoPro is the fastest localization service for your Mac and iOS app projects.

TraductoPro Localization Services

Traducto is the only desktop app on the market that provides a built-in translation service so users can order their translations without having to leave the app and keep everything in one place. TraductoPro automates this process further for developers apps. With its built-in cart and checkout process you can order your translations directly from professional translators and receive your translation content back directly within the app.

iPhone Localization

If you are developing an iPhone app, this is one of the largest markets for multilingual apps and iPhone localization will be essential to the success of marketing your app worldwide and creating an app that appeals to its global users. TraductoPro offers real-time localization for your Xcode project so you can bring your apps to market easier and faster than ever.

Xcode Localization

TraductoPro is the ultimate resource for Xcode localization. TraductoPro handles the entire process of localizing Xcode strings for you with real-human translation by a native speaker in over sixteen different languages. Translations are ordered directly through the TraductoPro app and returned within 24 hours in most cases.

iOS Localization

iOS localization is one of the most time consuming and costly tasks for any business or developer who wishes to bring Mac and iOS apps to the marketplace or its customers. TraductoPro is the ultimate solution for iOS localization because it automates the entire process and brings accuracy to the localization process.

Content Translation

Content translations are essential to marketing your app worldwide. TraductoPro translates your press releases, web content, App Store metadata, and other marketing content quickly so your app project is ready to be marketed and launched in all languages you are marketing to.

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