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Learn how to use TraductoPro for your iPhone app localization projects and global app marketing.

Localizing iPhone apps is no longer a time consuming, costly process – now that TraductoPro is here. Check out this video on how simple it is to localize your iPhone apps with TraductoPro.

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Localize iPhone Apps Easier and Faster than Ever Before

iPhone apps are growing on the international market faster than ever. In order to tap into global markets and internationalize your iOS apps, you’ll need to localize your apps in multiple languages. TraductoPro is the only comprehensive localization tool for localizing your iPhone apps and app store meta data with human translation.

TraductoPro iPhone App Localization Features

When localizing your iPhone apps, you typically would need to make all of your Xcode strings localizable. TraductoPro does this for you with macronization and handles duplicate strings. Order your translations, and once completed, your Xcode project is exported back into your app.

The Most Affordable iPhone Localization Service Available for Your Apps

If you haven’t already explored the localization services out there, you’ll find that hiring a localization service can be expensive and thus affect the profitability of your iPhone app. With TraductoPro, you can easily order multiple translations for the price of one translation with other services – and TraductoPro is affordable to download at only $49.95.</p

Manage Multiple iPhone App Localization Projects

For any iPhone app developer who manages multiple projects, the TraductoPro interface is ideal for handling many projects at once, along with marketing content translations and localization of your iPhone app store meta data.

Superior Support for Your iPhone Localization

TraductoPro was developed by Mac and iOS app developers for developers and the support is superior to other related services. The creators of TraductoPro handle customer inquiries quickly and are there to assist with your iPhone app localization projects.

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