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Check out this video and see why Mac and iOS Developers choose TraductoPro for managing app localization projects.

Features & Benefits of TraductoPro Mac & iOS Localization

Human Translators for Mac & iOS Localization

TraductoPro’s certified human translators are familiar with the nuances and dialects of the language you are localizing your Mac or iOS app to and they provide translations within 24 hours. You can even communicate with your translators through the TraductoPro interface

Cost Savings for Mac & iOS Localization

As an app developer, you already know how much time and cost is involved in localizing Xcode strings. TraductoPro makes Mac and iOS localization quicker and more accurate than ever before, possibly saving thousands of dollars in the production of international apps.

App Store Metadata & Content Localization

When you’re ready to market your app, TraductoPro helps you translate your content in 16 languages, including app store metadata, press releases, marketing collateral, web copy and more.

Mac & iOS Xcode Localization Project Management

Manage all your Mac & iOS localization projects is simple with TraductoPro. Start your project, import your Xcode project, and order all your translations from one simple interface.

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