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Mac & iOS Localization with Human Translators

Why is human translation so important for your Mac & iOS app localization? More than ever before, you have the opportunity to market your app in global markets. This is coined as ‘internationalization’ and it is one of the key elements to expanding the markets for Mac & iOS app developers.

Human translation ensures the Mac and iOS app localization is accurate to the day to day language spoken to your market, and TraductoPro is the first developer app in which certified human translators localize Xcode strings through an interface where Mac & iOS developers can easily manage multiple Xcode projects as well as marketing collateral for the app, including App Store Metadata.

Mac & iOS App Localization for the App Store and Marketing Globally

In marketing your multilingual app in the App Store, it is important to translate the user interface and create content for people from different cultures, including nib files, images, video, icons, and text for each language. TraductoPro makes this process more culture-specific and accurate to the dialects and nuances of the language you are marketing to and helps to easily promote your app to local markets in the fastest way possible. In addition, it is the most affordable way to localize Mac and iOS apps and create content for marketing your app in the App Store in comparison to in-house or traditional localization and translation services.

Cost and Time Saving Mac & iOS Localization

Creation of content for a global audience is already inherent in iOS and Mac OS X operating systems, which are built on technologies designed to make localizing multilingual apps easier than ever. However, in order to utilize this multilingual marketing interface, Mac and iOS app developers often face a great deal of time and costs in localizing strings and content for their apps that are culture-specific. Human translation by speakers of the native language as well as translators familiar with the localization of Mac and iOS apps are required for the most marketable apps in multiple countries. TraductoPro is the first service, designed in the interface of an app itself, to offer fast, expert localization by human translators.

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