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How to Localize Xcode Strings with TraductoPro

Localize Xcode Strings Faster Than Ever

If you’ve tried localizing Xcode strings, you know what a painstaking process this can be, particulary of you need to localize in several languages. Check out this video on how you can automate the process of localizing your Xcode projects and internationalize your apps faster than ever.
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Xcode String Localization Made Easy

One of the most difficult processes in localizing your iOS or Mac app is making the Xcode strings localizable. Simply drag and drop your Xcode project file into TraductoPro project and TraductoPro does the rest.

Localize Xcode Projects with Step by Step Guidance

As an app developer, you already know how much time and cost is involved in localizing Xcode strings. TraductoPro makes Mac and iOS localization quicker and more accurate than ever before, possibly saving thousands of dollars in the production of international apps.

Only TraductoPro Automates Conversion of Xcode Strings into Localizable Strings

If you didn’t already make your strings localizable, TraductoPro handles the process for you with ‘Macronization’. The application finds all the relevant strings that could use localization, allows you to select which ones that need to be localizable, then it automatically converts the selected strings into localizable strings. This is possibly the most time consuming task of localization, handled quickly with TraductoPro.

Manage Multiple Xcode Localization Projects in One Interface

Store and manage all your Xcode projects in the TraductoPro Panel, including translations for your marketing content and app store meta data. No other localization service can provide such an easy way to localize and internationalize your apps.

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