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Features Overview

TraductoPro for Mac lets you quickly and easily manage and order translations for your content, desktop and mobile apps.

  • Expand your ability to share information globally by managing content translations for an incredible array of content, including:

    • App text
    • Press releases
    • Marketing emails
    • Newsletters
    • Web content
    • Brochures
    • Social media posts
    • Marketing content
    • Product data sheets
    • Whitepapers
    • Web seminars
    • Presentations
    • And more…

  • Localize Xcode projects and increase your app sales. TraductoPro supports localization for iOS and Mac Apps. Even if there are not that many words in your app, it’s still incredibly important it is translated correctly for the target market.

    • Automatically extracts strings for localization
    • Get resource files translated
    • Export the localized resource files back into the application

  • Make sure your app gets the proper attention it deserves in all markets by managing your App Store metadata. With TraductoPro you can translate:

    • App name
    • App description
    • App keywords
    • As well as future app updates

  • Boost your App Store sales by making it clear to buyers, your app is built in their language.

  • Move faster with fast translation turn around times and quick fire exporting, sending your content back into your working document, Xcode project or App Store metadata project.

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Marketers and Developers Love TraductoPro

 TraductoPro is by far the best localization tool I have ever used…, Nothing comes close.- Jason C.
 TraductoPro will save you a lot of time in localizing iOS apps and at this point in time the best tool out there in the market.- Kurt N., Chalkboard Math app
 Super efficient customer service!!!- Alessio Z.
All the key elements in one tool…, Every iOS developer should have this app for localization.- Kurt L.
A must have tool for any iOS developer…, So much time wasted trying to localize my apps. Now with TraductoPro I don’t have to do the manual work. The tool does it for me and I can focus on what I do best, coding.- Mike R.
We launched in English but wanted to increase sales…, We launched in our native language (English) but then realized our app would sell really well in Latin America. TraductoPro gave me everything I needed to localize and boost the sales in that region in little to no time.- Chuck M.
We wanted greater reach…, We needed the ability to quickly translate content for a global project, this app saved us a ton of time.- Ellen S.
I had no idea where to start…, Thanks for making it so easy.- Barbara D.
Translation was a snap with TraductoPro.- Adrian F.
TraductoPro is going to save us countless hours of work and coding, localizing our apps and iTunes Store content. A simple investment to gain big rewards. After purchasing TraductoPro, we emailed support thinking we had found a bug or two in the app and had a few question regarding how things work. Traducto support shortly after pressing send contacted us by phone and with a remote desktop session helped diagnose our problem and then spent time helping with training on how to best use the TraductoPro with Xcode. TraductoPro is going to save us countless hours of work and coding, localising our apps and iTunes Store content. A simple investment to gain big rewards.- Greg B., Ozie Vision Software


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Application: Xcode 4 or higher